Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A new curtain for my craft's room in the making

Hello All,

It has been so long since my last post and nope I didn't finish my circles of the sun cushion which you can read about here. Again everyone was seriously ill these last couple of months including me :( I spent like 10 days in bed suffering from a very nasty flu, my daughter suffered from it for 3 weeks; and a close member of my family was in and out of the hospital these last two months. So it has been a hectic time for everyone.

But now I am back and I have decided to crochet a curtain for my craft room, just to brighten it up a notch :D And my favorite colours at the moment are bright rainbow ones :)

I am using Alize Diva baby yarn (which is a Turkish brand) and a 1.4 mm hook. I am using the pattern found in the pictured magazine above. The magazine is in Italian and I don't understand a word of the written pattern but I was able to follow the chart quite well. Actually, I am crocheting that flower in the cover but I changed the last round a bit because I liked it my way better :)

I am going to link them with black yarn but I didn't figure out how yet. And look at all those end tails that I have to weave in!!! I crocheted 8 flowers of each colour and I will start linking them this week and check the exact number I need to finish off my curtain. 

Hopefully, I will finish it by now next month, just right before my birthday. Not sure if I can gift it to myself but I will do so anyway...

I promise I will keep you updated.

Happy hooking everyone,

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