Monday, 20 April 2015

Henda's Potholders

Hello everyone to my very first photo tutorial. I am so excited about this :) Please forgive me for my poor talent in photography. I tried to do my best. So, allow me to introduce to you my new pattren, Henda's potholders :D I named it after my mom after all. You can read all about it here.

Around 15.5 cms/6 inches from one side to the other.

Yarn: the yarn I used is a Turkish brand called Madame Tricote Camilla 6/4, or any cotton yarn you feel comfortable working with.
Hook: I used a 2.5 mm steel hook.


Terminology Used:
Terminology used is UK.
Extended Double crochet
Extended Single crochet
Half treble
Half double
Double treble

Stitch Abbreviations:

Sl st
Slip stitch
Half treble
Extended dc
Extended double crochet
Double treble

Special Stitches:
Cluster: We will be working clusters of 3 double trebles in our pattern. A cluster is a group of stitches that are joined together at the top but worked in subsequent stitches. So work each of your 3 double trebles in subsequent stitches, leaving the last loop of each of the double trebles in your hook. After doing the third double treble pull a loop through all loops. You should have four loops in your hook before joining them to form the cluster.

The beginning cluster in Round 5 will consist of 4 chains and two double trebles or you can do a standing double treble instead of the chain 4. 

See the picture in round 5. You can also search youtube for video tutorials on clusters.


If you wish to work in a solid colour, then don't fasten off your yarn after each round and keep working in a circle.

Start with chain 4 and sl st in 1st chain, or do a magic ring. There is a great video tutorial of how to do a magic ring again on Moogly which you can find here.

Round 1: Chain 3 or do a standing tr, 11 trs in the ring, sl st in top of the beginning of ch-3 and fasten off. {12 trebles}

 Round 2: Attach your new colour between any 2 trs. Chain 3 or do a standing tr, 1 more tr in the same space, ch-1,  2 trs in the same space, * work 2 trs in between the following 2 trs from round 1, ch-1, 2 trs in the same space,* repeat from * to *, sl st in 1st tr. Fasten off. { A group of 11 petals consisting of 2 trs,ch-1, 2 trs}

Round 3: Attach your new colour in any ch-1 space. Ch 3 or do a standing tr, work 4 trs in the same ch-1 space, work 5 trs in each of the following ch-1 spaces, sl st in 1st tr. Fasten off. {11x5 trs}

 Round 4: Attach your new colour in any tr from the previous round. Work 1 tr all around, sl st in 1st tr and fasten off. {55 trs}

Round 5: Attach your new colour in any tr, work your 1st cluster of dtrs (check special stitches), ch-4, skip 1 stitch, * work a cluster of 3 dtrs in the following 3 stitches, ch-4, skip 1 stitch, * repeat from * to *, sl st in 1st cluster, Fasten off. { 14 clusters}

After this round your circle will not lay flat as shown here in the picture. Don't worry about it once you work round 6 it will flatten out.

 Round 6: Attach your new colour in any ch-4 space, ch-3 or do a standing tr, work 3 trs, ch-2, 4 trs in the same ch-4 space, work 4 trs, ch-2, 4 trs in each of  the following ch-4 spaces. Sl st in 1st tr. Fasten off. {14x4 trs, ch-2, 4 trs combination}

Round 7: Attach your new yarn in the 1st tr of any combination from round 6, chian 1, 1 extended dc, 3 extended dcs in the following 3 stitches, 2 htrs in the following ch-2 space, 4 extended dcs in the following 4 trs, * 4 extended dcs in the next 4 trs, 2 htrs in the ch-2 space, 4 extended dcs in the following 4 trs,* repeat from * to *, sl st in 1st extended dc.
Fasten off.

To finish off my potholder, I crocheted a circle of 8 rounds to act as the back of my potholder and crocheted them together using extended dcs. I had to skip a few dcs from round 7 so I can crocheted them together.

Hope you have enjoyed my first photo tutorial :)

Copyright Notice: You have permission to sell your finished product. Please give me credit for creating the design by providing a link to my blog
You have permission to share this patter providing that you either share it from my blog (above link) or from my Raverly page

You are NOT allowed to rewrite, resell, distribute, or copy this pattern in any way.

Happy Hooking everyone :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

And I Am Back :D

Hello Everyone,

It has been two months now since my last blog and I totally apologize for that. I were faced up with a little health issue that left me a little bit under the weather and a little bit tired to do anything. I didn't of course stop crocheting - I actually had a lot of things going on - but I just didn't have the stamina to organize my written patterns, take photos, and publish them.

The first thing I am going to publish of course is my pattern for my mom's potholders. Right before that health problem I managed to take loads of pictures to do a photo tutorial, and that is what I will be working on over the weekend. Still needs to find a name for my pattern ( I might name it after my mom after all ) and do some editing on the pictures.Hopefully, I will be able to publish it by the middle of next week.

I am also working on something huge and I am praying that I will be able to finish it off before the end of the month. I will be blogging about it during the first week of May, God willing. I have shown it to my husband and my best friend and they loved it, so hopefully you will too :) Just to give you a hint it is a huge square that will end up measuring around 50 cms/ 20 inches.

So stay tuned everyone,
Till then, happy hooking to all :)