Wednesday, 15 April 2015

And I Am Back :D

Hello Everyone,

It has been two months now since my last blog and I totally apologize for that. I were faced up with a little health issue that left me a little bit under the weather and a little bit tired to do anything. I didn't of course stop crocheting - I actually had a lot of things going on - but I just didn't have the stamina to organize my written patterns, take photos, and publish them.

The first thing I am going to publish of course is my pattern for my mom's potholders. Right before that health problem I managed to take loads of pictures to do a photo tutorial, and that is what I will be working on over the weekend. Still needs to find a name for my pattern ( I might name it after my mom after all ) and do some editing on the pictures.Hopefully, I will be able to publish it by the middle of next week.

I am also working on something huge and I am praying that I will be able to finish it off before the end of the month. I will be blogging about it during the first week of May, God willing. I have shown it to my husband and my best friend and they loved it, so hopefully you will too :) Just to give you a hint it is a huge square that will end up measuring around 50 cms/ 20 inches.

So stay tuned everyone,
Till then, happy hooking to all :)


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