Saturday, 10 January 2015

Star-like flowery crochet coasetrs and table runner.

Hello everyone,

Today I will be sharing with you my  star-like flowery coasters. My husband gave me money on our 4th wedding anniversary to buy yarn and do something for myself. So, I went to the shop and bought some mercerized cotton yarn in rainbow colours as it is kind of expensive to buy here. That was last October for your information :)

My plan was to do a bag for myself but that did not work out because it is a fine thread. So, I thought of doing a blouse only to find out it won't be that light to wear. I kept trying and trying, and ripping and frogging that I ended up with all those small balls of yarn :D

And I just didn't like anything I crocheted. Especially that I wanted to come up with my own design for whatever I do with this yarn. I ended up bagging the whole lot away out of frustration, telling myself to just let's forget about it for now and take it out later.

Which is exactly what I did last month. I got my bag, took the yarn out, and just started crocheting those star-like flowery things :)

I did a few and then thought of crocheting them together to make a table runner and that was the outcome.

It isn't quite blocked or even finished yet, and the lightning sucks at the moment because "sunny" Egypt is not so sunny at the moment. I couldn't take a decent picture with my mediocre photographing abilities :))

I have been trying to round it off or even square it up but again I didn't like my attempts. Seems like I am going to be one of those designers, so picky. Again I put it away, but I am planning to have a go at it next week and hopefully have it done with.

Let me know if you would like to have a written pattern and perhaps I would be courageous enough to put up a tutorial for the coasters.

Till then,
Happy hooking everyone,


  1. This is the best one i like!!! i am gonna do it for sure nice desgin and smooth attaching points....

    1. Can you believe that I just saw your comment even though I check my blog daily...
      Send me a pic when you are done :)