Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rainbow Blossom - Writing down the pattern

Hello everyone,

Been quite for a bit as I am writing down the pattern. Can I just say that I didn't expect it to take that long. I have 12 rounds to write and I filled up 6 pages already with detailed instructions :D

I started last Friday at my parents' place while visiting them and manged to concentrate with all the fuss my little girl was doing with the help of my earphones listening to music :) 

 And a couple of days ago I manged to sit down and write a lot more. I had some rough time trying to explain certain rounds as there are some rounds that are being worked in two previous rounds at the same time, bit tricky to explain and I do hope that when I send out my patterns to testers they will not get back to me and say it is poorly explained :) 

The first picture is taken at my parents' and the second one is at my place, did you notice that me and my mom has very similar table covers. She bought hers from Syria some 30 something years ago and bought me some when I was born so that makes mine 35 years old... Yep I am not that young : D

Anyways, I am going to continue writing the pattern today but I don't think I will manage to finish it because my kiddo has a gymnastic practice after coming form daycare and as you can see from the pictures I do write them down in paper and not on my laptop directly. I don't know why I do this but it makes me feel more close to the process; all the writing and erasing and rewriting make it more personal to me rather than typing it and hit the backspace button enormous times :D 

So, as you can imagine that after I am done I have to write the whole thing in a word document but hopefully that will not take long. I expect that by the end of next week I will send the pattern to my testers and then we all have to wait for them to crochet it and send me feed back so that I can upload it for everyone.

Well, off I go to my pattern. 

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Happy hooking everyone,


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