Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hello Everyone,

It is with a sad heart that I return to my blog. Marinke (aka Wink) from A creative being has been taken from us last week due to a sever depression. A great loss to the crochet community!

She was a very creative person whom I did not have the pleasure to know personally. Nevertheless, I was an avid visitor to her website following all of her lovely creations. She begun to crochet in order to heal from depression and created along the way some of the most beautiful mandalas I have ever seen on the web. Unfortunately, it was depression that claimed her in the end.

There has been a worldwide call to dedicate mandalas for Wink using the hashtag #mandalasforwink on all social media. So, regardless of your religion please pay tribute to Wink and help to raise awareness when it comes to depression. It is an illness like any other illness and can claim anyone's life.

Be safe everyone,

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