Sunday, 5 July 2015

The reason I was away

Hello everyone again,

Here I am after almost a two months disappearance. I apologize for being away for that long but I do have a very valid reason for such a disappearance. My daughter were very sick for quite some time now and she kept getting one infection after the other along with high fevers, well the whole illness package.We found out that she is suffering from a case of rhinitis and that her tonsils must be surgically removed. She had the surgery last week and she is recovering as well as can be expected thank God :)

So, on to finish writing up the pattern for my Rainbow blossom motif which had to wait of course. I still have a few pages to type on my computer. Hopefully, I will do it this week and then I will send it to my tester.

Well, it is 1 am here and I need my beauty sleep :)

Good night all and Good afternoon to those in the other part of the world :D


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