Friday, 14 November 2014

Coasters and Mandala

As promised it is Thursday and I am going to give you a glimpse on my own creations :) I started off with coasters and mandalas. I remember when my maternal grandmother some 20 years or so ago taught me how to crochet potholders. I must confess that I am using the ones she and mom made me but I cannot remember how to crochet them though they was so simple and fast to make. So, I might grab one of them one of these days and try to replicate it, and may be improve it up a bit...

Let me introduce to you the Bubbly Bobbles design. I created this coaster for a dear friend of mine and I really fell in love with it. It is all about the bobble stitch, hence the name. I made it with a fine microfiber thread that has a metallic strike to it using a 2.00 mm metal hook. Again, it is a Turkish brand called Alize forever since most of the available yarn in Egypt are imported from Turkey. These was not blocked when I took that photo. After blocking they round up nicely.

My friend was quite happily surprised with them. Then I went and made another set for my best friend. I think it is about time I make a set for myself and write up the tutorial.

Another creation of mine is the Flowery Trebles coasters. I actually love this design very much may be because it touches my feminine side. I am in the process of doing a set of 6 and I will be writing the tutorial as I go. I am using the same yarn and hook size as I used in the Bubbly Bobbles coasters.

A little Mandala of my own was inspired after Lucy from Attic24 called on her fans to send her mandalas for Yanrdale. You can read about it Here. Mandalas are known to be a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and as a Muslim I am not doing them for their spiritual significance but for their beautiful aspect and wide array of usage. You can use them in bags, square them up and crochet yourself a pillow case, stiffen them up with glow or starch and decorate your walls, ...etc. Use your imagination and you will come up with something beautiful as well as unique.

The one in the picture is the fourth one I have done using this pattern. I am just trying to perfect the pattern and I am still having a little snag when I try to join two of the rounds when using different colours. I am going to crochet another one in a number of colours and write up the pattern once more. Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks the pattern will be up and ready.

I hope that you would appreciate the creations I have shared with you. I will be sharing these three patterns for free with you in the next few weeks once I have written up the tutorials.