Thursday, 13 November 2014

Louly's first blanket

I made this blanket when I was pregnant. I cant remember whether it was before finding out the baby's sex or after; it is almost 4 years ago now:) All I can recall is that I want to make my baby's 1st blanket and I had a huge stash of cotton yarn. So, I grabbed my yarn and hook made a chain and went on making rows and rows of trebles.

I needed something to occupy me because I stayed most of the time under home rest. Unfortunately, making rows and rows of the same stitch even when I was alternating colours every two rows did not make things any easier. Half way through I was honestly bored but I kept going for my baby's sake.

However, the end result was magnificent and once again my helpful mom gave me a hand and tucked in the zillion ends that needed to be tucked away. All my relatives and friends commended me for it and that made all the pain of crocheting it vanish in thin air.

There is nothing more dear to a mom than making something for her kids which they will cherish for life :) Since the blanket was quite large, Louly is still using it as a lap blanket in the car when she falls asleep. And I am so happy that she is loving it more and more each day...